April 27, 2013



June 1989 –  This is a picture of a long time friend taken at the Indy Zoo. Of course it has been “artified” by me. I am trying to get into this type of thing again.


2 responses to Artsy….


    I love to do this type of thing. I like what you have done. I even do it in my iPhone while we are traveling. I suppose it satisfies a creative need.

    Be well.




      Yeah, I think it does satisfy a creative need. I tried desperately to learn or maybe re-learn how to draw lately. I thought I was pretty good at it when I was a kid but just can’t seem to get it now. Maybe too many years as an engineer drove it out of me. 🙂 Being a technology guy I am now moving to Photoshop. I know artsy when I see it but can’t seem to start it from scratch anymore…