The Gasoline Conspiracy…..

April 29, 2013

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Gas pricesNEW YORK — A sharp decline in the price of oil this month is making gasoline cheaper at a time of year when it typically gets more expensive. It’s a relief to motorists and business owners and a positive development for the economy.

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I don’t know about where you come from but it seems that gasoline prices around here jump $0.30 a gallon in an afternoon. Most of the times that happens in Friday mornings. Friday is one of the mornings I drive 40 miles round trip to the soup kitchen. Last week when I went there in the morning gas stations were advertising $3.43 per gallon. When I returned home that afternoon they were at $3.79 per gallon!  This sudden price jump seems typical. Then over the next three weeks or so will inch down penny by penny and then take another leap forward.

One of the sad things about this phenomenon is that it seems to always happens on Friday mornings. I think the reason for that is because so many people who live from paycheck to paycheck get their checks that day. I usually am pretty much a mocker of people with conspiracy theories but this is one I kind of believe in.

I don’t really know just who is pushing these sudden sharp rises? Is it the station owners or someone else?  I know when it happens at one station it almost always within an hour or so happens at all the stations around town.  Do these guys call each other up and have a conversation similar to this?

“Hi (fill in name), how are you doing today. I wanted to let you know that I am hiking my gas prices by 40 cents in a few minutes. Maybe you want to do the same?”

So, when I see articles like the one above talking about how the price of oil dropped significantly and see at our local stations the price of gasoline rise I have to wonder why.  I know whenever we have an event like the South Korean kid rattling his saber the price of gas correspondingly rises. It doesn’t take much to get a sudden spike up but never down.

But I’m just a simple guy so what do I know…..

2 responses to The Gasoline Conspiracy…..


    It is a wonder. I’ve always been intrigued by the proportional change. What happens at the pump always seems to be out of proportion to what is happening upstream. Somehow, the oil companies seem to have us exactly where they want us.



      I can’t figure it out either. The source article came out the day before the big increase. But it seems like if anything happens in the Middle East gas prices go up immediately. Is it gouging or something else and just who is doing the gouging?