Neither Party Deserves It….

July 14, 2013

MowerI was just out in the yard mowing my two and a half acres and started thinking about how I am more relaxed now that I have greatly reduced my diet of politics.  There is little that goes on in that world now that would spur anything other than frustrations. I have admitted that in 2008 I actively supported the candidacy of Barak Obama. His rhetoric was very inspiring to me. He gave me hope that he could affect the changes necessary to restore this country to some form of sanity.

In the five years since that time I have been disheartened by President Obama’s actions.  Except for a meager attempt at universal healthcare, of which he is even backing away from now, he has basically turned his back on all of his campaign promises. Like so many other instead of affecting any change in Washington that place has totally changed him. I guess I should not be surprised by that. Campaign promises very quickly pile on the ash heap of time after almost every election cycle. But I guess I am still, after all these years a somewhat naive person who holds out hope for promises made.

Getting back to my lawn mower philosophizing I have come to realize that neither political party deserves my vote anymore. I take my voting rights very seriously. It is the way I can affect how our government works.  It is the foundation of our democracy. My vote is a serious thing and I don’t want to waste it on candidates who are not worthy of it.  For that reason I am looking seriously at third-party candidates, especially those who might dawn the Centrist Movement label. Something at a very basic level must change in our nation’s capital in order to go forward. I don’t think that change will happen within the present two-party system.

I seem to do some of my best thinking will running around in circles in my 2+ acres. I think that is the main reason I actually look forward to doing that weekly chore. 🙂

5 responses to Neither Party Deserves It….


    Spending time outdoors and away from politics is the best thing you can do right now.
    And this day, may your thoughts focus on gratitude, hope and optimism. That will be good for you and those close to you.
    By the way, how is that dog of yours? I forget his/her name. We have been helping my daughter nurse her dog through ACL surgery and it is great to have something else to focus on than the daily news! Hope your pet is well and keeping you company while you’re out and about!



    I read no daily newspaper and watch no TV news – you’d be amazed how much calmer life is. News is nothing but a non-stop parade of disasters, disappointments, and failures. By the time I read or hear about something it has already happened. Since I can’t change the past why would I want to upset myself with a litany of human failures?

    Washington has become the poster child for failure. With politicians on both sides of the aisle saying, “I will never compromise,” democracy is doomed. Our system of government cannot operate without compromise. Obviously, these dim bulbs never took a civics class or studied American history, or they are so self-absorbed they figure the rules that the Founding Fathers established don’t apply to them.

    God help us all.



      Well said Bob. Yeah, ignorance is bliss!! I am just not a guy who worries much. I take life as it comes. My wife on the other hand worries about everything. Especially things of politics so I am still confronted with it via her words and my secondary views. I have told her for 28 years that worrying doesn’t change a thing but my words to her don’t change a thing either. 🙂



    Hey, let’s hear your wife’s version of you sometimes 🙂

    I still strongly believe that our president never had a fighting chance with the other party determined to bring him down but, yeah, I’m weary of politics at this point, and no longer paying much attention.

    Since the verdict last night, I have been in a funk. The verdict was expected but still a young man is dead.