Voting Districts….

August 1, 2013

During the last portion of my corporate life I was an IT guy. IT being information technology. For those of you who might not know what that is we basically, at least in my area, take data and turn it into information. The old saying goes “Drowning in data but starved for information”. If you want to get an idea of what that mean just Google about anything and watch thousands of hit come up. We IT guys took those thousands of hits and with some pretty sophisticated software narrowed it down to a handful.

Now that you got an idea of what IT is I will approach the most lucrative IT job around now and that is gerrymandering. Anyone that can take a targeted group of people and spread them around so that their vote becomes inconsequential can make big bucks in today’s world. Gerrymandering has become both an art and a science among both political parties but the Republicans seem to have it down better, especially in the southern states.

There are many articles around today that say that Republicans will control the House of Representatives for several years to come because they have successfully water down any significant opposition to their candidates chances of re-election. They have hired the necessary IT guys to tell them how to do it. Here is a very colorful election district map I came across when studying this matter.

Election Districts


Take a look at it and tell me if it makes any sense to you? Yeah, it would make a terrific picture puzzle but would serve no other useful purpose.  In order to turn the bias out of the election process we need to put some sanity into this process and quit jimmying it to produce the results we want.  Our right to vote is critical to our total existence as a free country. It is time to put some sanity back into it before it is too late.


2 responses to Voting Districts….


    It does look a bit like our tax code- doesn’t it?

    Do you see the weird district in mud red in Arizona that begins at the top of the state and ends near the bottom? That was my old district. The Republicans formed it to keep all the “Indians” together – who largely used to vote Republican. The RP brought in people who had never lived there and, since no one ever really ran against them, they won.

    Last year a friend of mine took the voting district. I taught both of her kids and took one of them to DC the first time. She is doing a great job representing now–on the Democratic side of the isle.

    I hate gerrymandering- but I laugh when it falls apart.



    Good comparison Janette. It does look like our piecemeal tax code. I think we are playing with fire when we attempt to manipulate voting be it via gerrymandering, restricting the vote or any other means.

    The first think I noticed with this map is just how fractured Texas is. Their voting districts are insane and within hours of the Supreme Court decision they upped the insanity even further. The other thing I notices is the much of the south is in the same condition. Is this coincidence?