Everything is Great Except…..

August 8, 2013

ProsperityHousing is coming back. Banks are lending again. Energy is booming. A prominent Democrat argues that the U.S. economy is finally coming back to life

SOURCE: Is the U.S. Economy Coming Back to Life? – TIME.

Everything is great again in the USA!  The stock markets are booming. Banks are as profitable as ever and are now lending again. All the economic indicators are rising.  These are joyful words for us liberals and dreaded ones for conservatives during a Democrat administration.

Everything is great except for the fact that almost all of this prosperity is flowing into the hands of the top few percent in our country but thankfully it is also flowing into our pension funds. Most are in dire need of help. So, it is sort of true that a rising tide lifts all boats; it is just that most of us have leaky row-boats instead of mega-yachts.

Income and wages for most of us are still below 2007 levels and averages are below the 1970s level. Unemployment is still too high. The middle class continues to shrink. Will this condition ever resolve itself? I don’t think that will happen anytime soon.  It will likely take a decade or more for us to stabilize into a new norm for the average family.

  • All of us will have to get it through our thick heads that the good paying low skilled factory jobs are gone.
  • All of us will have to understand that a middle class job of the future will require more than a high school education. Stopping at high school almost assures you of a lifetime of hamburger flipping or other minimum wage job.
  • We will have to come back to a political sphere where the good of the nation takes precedence over a political party.
  • We will have to understand that in the world markets, requiring  U.S. corporations to pay for employee health insurance when the rest of the world depends on government to do that stifles job creation in this county.
  • We will have to understand that in order to raise our job skill levels higher education should not put our young people into massive debt when so many other countries provide free or at least heavily subsidized educational expenses. We have to realize that higher education should be a right to all instead of a privilege to a few.
  • We will have to realize that being in the middle class is not an entitlement but something to be obtained through diligent effort.
  • We have to understand that some things in life take years of putting aside a few dollars to afford. Instant gratification is just not sustainable for most of us. It puts us in a debt spiral that is almost impossible to escape.
  • We will have to understand that life is not always fair and that sometimes it even craps on us.

Everything is great again in the USA except……..

4 responses to Everything is Great Except…..


    You make a great point–I’ve never thought about it in this way. We (the U.S.) are competing with companies in other countries that are not saddled with the burden of providing healthcare coverage for employees. Instead the cost is spread out among all taxpayers. In the long run, that’s got to put our economy at a disadvantage in that our businesses will do less well than those in other countries.

    In fact, this almost seems like a Republican argument. They are always arguing against raising the minimum wage, the theory being that employers would hire fewer workers if they have to pay them more. There are at least anecdotal examples of employers cutting hours to get out of having to provide health coverage under the new law.

    So if the minimum wage argument is right, wouldn’t that mean that freeing employers of the cost of health insurance all together would allow them to hire more workers? If we moved to a single payer system, it seems we might single-handedly fix the unemployment problem. A dollar is a dollar whether an employer spends it on increased minimum wage or health insurance costs. Under the argument you hear from conservatives, when companies keep those dollars, they create jobs, right?



      Well said Syd. Pass it on. Maybe some of my and your conservative friends might just listen instead of instantly being against everything just because the other side is for it. We have got to get beyond the stupidity of beltway thinking….



    That is what many of my conservative small business owners have said for years. It also enables them to hire people who are good at their jobs—but have a disease that would blow their insurance for the entire company out of the water.
    Single payer system…like medicare…like the military….works. You might have to accept that you will not get platinum care every time—but who does at this point anyway? My BIL was on an amazing insurance and still ended up in crowded emergency rooms waiting for six hours for his cancer bleed outs.
    Flat tax and single payer health care. We can then distinguish ourselves in areas like education and excellence in manufacturing.



      Why can’t those wing-nuts in Washington realize that?????

      I see the Centrist Movement org had their first organizational conference call today. I will be keeping an eye on them. Their immediate goal is to get enough Senate seats to push the two parties into some sort of collaboration….