Making Sure People Don’t Have Health Insurance…

October 7, 2013


“This is an interesting thing to ponder,” he said of his detractors. “That your top agenda is making sure that 20 million people don’t have health insurance and you’d be willing to shut down the government and potentially default — for the first time in United States history — because it bothers you so much.”

SOURCE: At Black Caucus Dinner, Obama Vows to Continue ‘March’ on Gun Control, Healthcare – ABC News.

The logic currently used by the Republican party in opposing Obamacare bothers me much.  I really want to believe that my conservative friends out there actually care about their brothers and sisters. Surely they are not as their current political leaders portray themselves?

Their total opposition to Obamacare would not trouble me as much if they actually presented an alternative to insuring the people who can so easily be bankrupted by health issues. If they said “We oppose Obamacare and here is the what we would use to replace it” I would certainly be willing to listen to their arguments. But instead they simply want to do away with the law and it already shown benefits.

It greatly bothers me that all they want to do is to get rid of the current law and let everyone fend for themselves against “pre-existing conditions” and such. Instead of showing any compassion for others, certainly including “the least of these” they seem to have not compassion at all!

I just wish someone could explain this to me…..