60 Years… Enough Is Enough…

October 10, 2013

KoreaSEOUL, SOUTH KOREA Amid escalating threats from North Korea, U.S. and South Korean defense officials will meet over the next few days and discuss whether to extend America’s wartime control over the South’s armed forces, 60 years after a truce ended the Korean War.

SOURCE: U.S., South Korea debate military control 60 years after war’s end – CBS News.

I was nine years old in 1955 when the Korean war truce was called. My father fought in WW II and fortunately unlike today was not called up once, let alone again and again as our soldier are now. Sixty years is a long time, even to me. I know there was a thing called the “100 Years War” that happened back in medieval times but I really don’t know much about it but sixty years still seems be excessive an excessive time to hold a grudge to me.

I don’t know how many trillions of dollars we have spent over there trying to protect half of that country from the other half but I am sure that it could have been used for better purposes here in our own country or at least used to keep our never-ending debts down some. We just can’t seem to keep our noses out of other people’s business. We let our infrastructure crumble while trying to solve other people’s problems. I find it ironic that when the U.S. approached Germany recently  to build some additional auto plants in this country they balked and notified us that our infrastructure was just too broken for them to do that.

My generation’s war was Vietnam. Although I did not have to go I lost several good friends in that “conflict”. I guess because of all the demonstrations around the country during those years we just got out and let the “bad guys” take over the country. Now here we are forty years later and guess what Vietnam is now one of our friendlies. Too bad we didn’t also declare simple withdrawal  in Korea.

Now I realize that North Korea is doing some pretty stupid stuff right now. Their twenty-something year old despot is continuing in the ways of his father. But I kind of think that the big shots in the north really feed off of our presence there. If we had left like we did in Vietnam I suspect they would also be a united and friendly country to us today. I know all the war hawks in this country, and there are a lot of them, won’t believe this for a second but I kind of think we should mind our own business and not get involved in internal conflicts in other countries. Call that the Walters Doctrine if you want; I promise I will not get a big head if someone does. 🙂

But I’m just a simple guy so what do I know……


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    Without going into history one o one, Vietnam and Korea are different on so many levels there is really no comparison. Vietnam was primarily an internal conflict, and one that we resolved when we left, albeit not without violence. Korea was an across the border agression. North Vietnam was self ruling with a government in place. North Korea is run by a few, who rule and collect all wealth, while the rest of the folks are starving. They also have prison camps, where children are born, live their entire lives and bear children who do the same. If there was no border it would probably be a slaughter.

    Korea is the evil empire. Always was, not Iraq, Not Iran, Korea. Bush blew it and wsted all his political capital and cried wolf elsewhere. Heck, even the Chinese think that Korea is the evil empire. I expect them to invade at some point.



      Thanks for your view on history here Barb. Yeah, they certainly are different but I am really against all wars and especially our continued presence sixty years later…

      I guess given your report I wonder how North Korea has survived all these years as an evil empire? Why don’t the people simply get up and move? And, really what you described seems to fit many other countries in that area.