They Might Just Like It…..

October 15, 2013

Obamacare2A recent poll by the Massachusetts Medical Society, a statewide physician group, finds that most people in Massachusetts today are generally satisfied with the health care system there.

“Eighty-four percent of residents expressed satisfaction with the care they received over the last year, including 56 percent who indicated they are ‘very satisfied’ and 28 percent who are ‘somewhat satisfied,’” the survey report states. Seventy-three percent of residents reported that gaining access to health care they need is “not difficult,” and for serious medical problems, 86 percent said the amount of time they needed to wait was not a problem.

RomneycareWhile no health care insurance system – private or public – is perfect, the bottom line in Massachusetts, as the Hill newspaper in Washington reported last month, is that “The vast majority of Massachusetts residents are satisfied with their healthcare under the state’s 2006 reform law.”

That may have been what Sen. Ted Cruz (R) of Texas – chief opponent of Obamacare – was worrying about recently.

Speaking to fellow conservative Sean Hannity on Fox News, he warned that Americans would become so happy with Obamacare – “addicted” is the word he used – that opponents like himself would never be able to kill it.

SOURCE: Romneycare vs. Obamacare: Lessons for today’s ‘shutdown’ debacle (+video) –

I have thought all along that the real fear of the GOP is that once implemented Obamacare will be so well liked that it will be as nearly impossible as Medicare to eliminate it.  I must admit that this senior would never vote to take the voucher that the likes of Senator Cruz and Ryan suggest to go out into the insurance industry on my own. I had enough of that in my earlier years.

Instead of trying to eliminate it my Republican friends ought to be looking to where it can actually be used to control the run-away costs now endemic to our private enterprise system. They have already figured it out in much of the rest of the world which is already a single-payer system.  Just think of all that could be accomplished if my conservative friends and their representatives put their minds to that single task. Who knows if they did that what might happen?  You never know……