Dropping Out…..

October 18, 2013

QuitThese last few weeks in Washington have been very frustrating to me and I’m sure to you too. The complete breakdown of compromise and trust is not something that should happen to any nation’s capital. Because of the apparent hate that is in our nation’s capital I truly fear for our future as a country.  Seeing all this malarkey often makes me want to just drop out of anything political. But, isn’t that exactly what those wing-nuts in DC really want?

If they can get all the folks who have an ounce of common sense and regard for the good of the country to drop out they can take over and force in their political agenda. I am not one for conspiracy theories but I kind of think they have that agenda in mind when they run around ranting and raving about everything.  Their purpose is to disgust us to the point where we simply quit and they can then take over. Are we going to let that scenario come into being? Although the stench of that place bothers me the thought of those Tea Party folks taking control scares me infinitely more.

Everything that happens inside the Beltway happens for a reason. If the radical right is nothing else they are schemers and planners. They count of many of us moderates dropping out in disgust. They wouldn’t dream of doing what they are presently doing a year from now. They know it would could cause a backlash and drive some of their members from office at least those few who are not in absolutely firm gerrymandered districts. They count on us to have the memory of a gnat and not remember all this garbage when election time comes up next year.

Does not dropping out mean that we must expose ourselves 24/7 to all the ranting and such going on now? Of course not, but we must understand the arguments and use some common sense to see what needs to be done and who is impeding that from happening.  And most importantly it means that we have to go to the polls next year in record numbers and choose our representative wisely. To simply drop out is to admit defeat and that is something none of us can afford to do.

As for me, I will just hold my nose and keep pushing against the radical fringes of our political system even when they say absurd things like Obamacare is the worst thing ever to happened to our country.  These guys just hate anything resembling authority. If it were up to them they would probably eliminate all stop signs as that is just the government telling them what to do. Anarchy is the optimized norm for them whether they will admit it or not.   We simply can’t pull away and let them have their way. So, although the stench is almost overwhelming hang in there for the very survival of the country….