November 19, 2013

REENSBORO, N.C. Police say one person has been shot at North Carolina A&T State University, prompting a brief campus lockdown.

Greensboro Police Department said in a statement Saturday night that “one or more” suspects were firing guns near McCain Hall on campus when one of the rounds struck 21-year-old Divine Eatman.

SOURCE: 1 shot at North Carolina A&T State University – CBS News.

Lockdown is a term commonly used in our prison system to mean that all prisoners are to be in their locked cells. It usually occurs when some form of violence occurs within the prison facility. Sadly it is now becoming a quite common term throughout our society. Whenever someone goes over the edge, or even near it,  everyone in the general area must stay locked in their homes or wherever they happen to be.

I could say that this is taking a freedom away from the many so that a few who love their guns can easily get and enjoy them.  Next thing you know the Supreme Court will be ruling that it is ok for anyone to yell “Fire” in a movie theatre since restricting them is a violation of their freedom! I hope you know that I am being facetious here but if things continue the way they are going I wouldn’t be terrible surprised to see that result.

How sad is that??

But I’m just an ordinary guy so what do I know…..