Run Elizabeth, Run….

November 29, 2013

2013-11-20_09-04-16On the Senate floor Tuesday, Elizabeth Warren argued for the need to strengthen Social Security benefits, now that cuts to the program seem more likely.

“With tens of millions of people more financially stressed as they approach retirement, with more and more people left out of the private retirement security system, and with the economic security of our families unraveling, Social Security is rapidly becoming the only lifeline that millions of seniors have to keep their heads above water,” Warren said. “And yet, instead of taking on the retirement crisis, instead of strengthening Social Security, some in Washington are actually fighting to cut benefits.”

SOURCE:  Warren wants to strengthen Social Security, not cut it | MSNBC.

Maybe I am falling into the same trap as I did in 2007 but I don’t think so. I see the words and actions of Elizabeth Warren as inspiring. She seems to be very much aligned with my socially progressive but fiscally conservative views. She just seems to see the world as I do.

The last thirteen years have spun retirement reality 180 degrees and a lot of that had to do with ultra-poor decisions by your leaders in both government and private industry.  Greed seems to be the underlying factor in both cases.  I loved it when Elizabeth put those banking leader on the hot-seat before her senatorial committee. She grilled them unmercifully.  I think if she had been president in 2008 things would have been quite different.

Thirteen years ago the country was in a euphoric mood. The stock markets were booming. Retirement portfolios were bursting at the seams. Everyone was talking about early retirement. Yes, I understand that much of that time was built on a bubble but I think how we dealt with that bubble could have been ameliorated quite differently.

I think it is time for us to have a woman’s touch in the White House and even with the inherent fear of many as our “commander-in-chief”. Guys just don’t seem to put as much value of human life as women do and we certainly need that quality when deciding to put our young men and women in harm’s way.

I am keeping my eyes on Senator Warren during these intervening years till 2016. While Hillary would probably do a good job I kind of think Elizabeth might do it much better.

But I’m just simple “guy” so what do I know…

4 responses to Run Elizabeth, Run….


    I like Elizabeth Warren too. If Hillary doesn’t run she could be the next best thing…even tho right now she is saying she is not running. However, some opinions hold she would be of greater use in Congress. There is a shortage of congressmen who understand policy and can affect needed changes. What do you think? She seems to genuinely care about the average person. Altho, I thought that about Obama too and he has been a disappointment…even tho I do believe he “cares” he just can’t lead and accomplish the changes we need.



      Your thoughts about Obama are right on line with mine. I think he cares but just doesn’t know how to facilitate that emotion in the oval office. I think Hillary is very qualified to be president but I just don’t like the hint of monarchies. One from a family is enough. Baby Bush proved that. 🙂

      But I do firmly believe that it is now the time to try a female as commander-in-chief. Hopefully she will not approach possible wars with the same mentality of the men who proceeded her. We need someone who in her guts knows that military conflict should be the absolute last resort….



    I am concerned that like Obama she does not have foreign dipomacy experience. I think we are running into a dangerous time by giving the finger to our traditional allies and paying those who despise us. But then she is an unknown and smart as a whip and Hillary has made some major international blunders.
    Warren would be good on domestic issues. I think that she could pull in good people.
    She is my first choice at this point. I am just nervous. This is going to be a very important Presidential election.



      Good Morning Janette. I think all presidential elections are important. 🙂

      There have been very few presidents who have international experience and have done just fine. Of course the savior of the GOP, Mr. Reagan had none, neither did Clinton, baby Bush, and of course Obama. Being a person who thinks we should stop being the policemen of the world I believe pulling back from our international exposure might just be a good thing.

      I think it just takes someone who knows himself or herself and stands up for their principles instead of backing down from them as the current president has done. I never liked Reagan because his principles were so very different from mine, but he did stand up for what he believed. I will give him that…