Buy Nothing Day – Enough is Enough…

December 2, 2013


I just needed permission to say ENOUGH! – ENOUGH to the frenzied rush to buy stuff for people who already have everything.”

Enough to the myth that happiness must be purchased. Enough to an economy that is awarding CEOs salaries 500 times that of their workers and still manages to seduce people in poverty and wealth alike to give more money to these predatorial corporations. Enough to the American dream that now consumes over 40 percent of the world’s stuff with less than 6 percent of the world’s resources. Enough to a dream that would need four more planets if the world pursued it … a dream the world cannot afford.

SOURCE: Shane Claiborne Celebrates Buy Nothing Day | Red Letter Christians.

I will proudly admit that Shane Clairborne is perhaps my number one Christian author.  He is a strong advocate of “being” a Christian instead of just believing the “right” things.

I have never heard of “Buy Nothing” day but I have been unknowingly participating in it for a score of years.  Black Friday as it is now known is kind of shameful to me especially when I see so much real need in the world.  Family credit card debt continues to climb to absurd levels and the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas significantly adds to it.  I say a statistic the other day the most families will spend more than $800 on gifts for each other.  As for me and my family we will be giving that money to the homeless shelter that I volunteer at.

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    I do participate in Black Friday. Last Friday I bought a bunch of coats and many dozens of gloves for kiddos. I also bought a bunch of cool crayon packs for a few of the newer classrooms I have been in.
    My decision to “can’t beat them at their game- play it in the favor of those in need” has helped me get away from the glum feeling I had gathered about the season.



      BTW- thank you for caring so much about the food kitchen. We saw a marked increase in Thanksgiving meals we served—so the idea of food kitchen is moving forward. I get a lot of inspiration from knowing you help keep one going.



        Janette, I’m glad that your soup-kitchen is doing well. Yes, there has been a marked increase in need this year it seems. Our meal counts continue to go up almost monthly. There is a lot of need out there. I am glad that I inspired you to get more involved. Yeah, it has been over 10 years now since I fist set foot in Backstreet Missions. I love every minute I spend there still.



    Hi Rod,
    I know how you feel. I propose we make a new name for Friday- White Friday. It can become a day to reflect on all of your blessings that you have received during your life with friendships,experiences, and new directions. This reflection can help set your plans for the next few weeks as to what you will do in a meaningful way.