Back Home Again In Indiana…

January 4, 2014


I don’t know about where you are at but we are getting ready for a wallapoluzza here in Indiana.  Snow and -15 degree temps following!!  I am hunkering down with my posts-to-write list and a few picture puzzles. Now if my electricity and internet connection don’t go out I am ready.

BTW… The title above is the State song.

Here is hoping that it is better where you are.

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    In Minneapolis the temps are dropping rapidly. The high tomorrow is -12. Then it is supposed to be around -26 by Monday morning…Tuesday morning -21…with highs in the teens below zero. The good news…no snow with the cold! The grocery stores are packed today with people stocking up and getting ready to hunker down. Gas stations too. Same in Indiana I’m sure.
    Remember when I said how I love the North? Well….ummmm…..not so much this week:-)
    Be careful clearing all that snow, R.J.




    I live in West Virginia and I think they are expecting similar conditions to what you described.

    Unfortunately for me, I am in Oakland, CA at the moment. I am really suffering because the sun is so bright and the temperature is hovering around 70. It is really tough at the moment.

    I guess things are just tough all over. Dang that Global Warming!



      At least this part of the country is not afraid of falling off into the ocean anytime soon. I’m not sure we can say the same thing for Oakland. You stay safe too Rob. 🙂



    Picked up Monuments Men at the library, sent out a box of clean socks to Brooklyn for a shelter, dropped off coffee to our shelter kitchen, put up the insulation for windows downstairs and the rooms we don’t frequently use, brought in firewood and filled the water jugs. Even to dogs seem to be knitting their own hair! We are ready as we can be. BURRRR!
    Stay warm and let the next few days in doors give you lots of things to write about :).



      Sounds like you are ready. We stayed extra hours at the soup kitchen yesterday to prepare the meals through Monday. At least the people in the shelters will have something to eat even if we are not there.
      My Basset Hound looses enough hair she could make a pretty nice size sweater! 🙂
      It is up in Chicago now heading our way…..