The History Of….

January 24, 2014

SnippetIts time for a new category of posts here at RJsCorner. Like all my successful blogging buddies out their we must be constantly changing in order to remain fresh.  This new category is called “The History Of…” and it will become an integral part of my daily afternoon snippets.

I am a lifelong U.S. history buff. The bookshelf presently behind me is loaded with biographies of our best people. Questioning how we got to where we are as a country is always on my mind.  So, why not target that for some specific posts?

This category will mostly take the form of pictures and maybe some brief words on the topic at hand. Of course, these snippets will only be a small fragment of the complete story. If you want to start a discussion of any of the topics just leave a comment and see what happens.