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    I wonder what the % of money spent by the Federal Government against the total economy is today vs.the % it spent in 1966. I really don’t know and wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t also smaller. However, the money spent by the Federal Government is probably a more appropriate measurement of their “size” within the context of our economy than the # of people they use to spend that money. Mike



    Year Executive branch civilians (thousands)
    Uniformed military personnel (thousands)
    Legislative and judicial branch personnel (thousands)
    Total Federal personnel (thousands)
    Year Exec. Milit L&J Total
    1966 2,726 3,129 33 5,888 thousand
    We got to 6,575,0000 in ’69 at the height of the war
    The smallest looks like:
    1999 2,687 1,386 63 4,135
    2000 2,639 1,426 63 4,129 including census workers
    2001 2,640 1,428 64 4,132 ”
    Last published by OBM
    2012 2,697 1,551 64 4,312 thousand

    How many contractors do you think were in 1966 vs 2012?
    Stats- they are fun aren’t they? https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/data-analysis-documentation/federal-employment-reports/historical-tables/total-government-employment-since-1962/#note2 Internet—it is an amazing place to check stats!
    Do you think the government needs to be larger? Which part?



    Sorry – the stats got squished when published!