It Seems To Always Be…

February 4, 2014


Similar attacks have targeted Shiite areas in Lebanon in recent months in retaliation for the Shiite Hezbollah fighters’ role in the civil war next door where Assad\’s forces are battling chaotic bands of Sunni rebels, including extremists fighters linked to al-Qaida.

SOURCE: Car bomb hits Shiite suburb of Beirut, killing 4 – Yahoo News.

Sadly, it seems to always be  one religious group battling another when car bombs  go off especially in the Middle East. I am very happy that we in the U.S. have not been drawn into this form of violence. I think a big part of that is our general acceptance of diversity in this country, even religious diversity. We as a nation have split off into thousands of versions of spirituality and even though each version usually believes they are the only ones to have it right, they generally tolerate others views of God.

The Middle East, maybe because it is the home ground for three major religions is strife with hostility.  The Sunnis and the Shiites are constantly killing each other for one reason or another. The Sectarian violence that is so prominent in the Middle East is always about one tribe fighting another.

How have we in the U.S. escaped this reign of religious  and sectarian inspired violence? I don’t know but I do recognize that much of the political vitriolic has a religious undertone. It seems that most of that is about “below the belt” issues that really don’t seem to be worth all the anguish those stands cause.

We are perhaps the most diverse country on earth. We are a nation of immigrants or at least that is our history. There are just too many different views about the world in this country to allow one or two to dominate over the others. I truly believe that is why we as a nation don’t have the unrest of many others in the world.

But I am fearful that this almost exponential increase in the wealth gap may someday drive us into a state of anarchy. Right now 50% of the wealth in this country is controlled by about 1% of the population. At some point the American dream will become an impossibility for too many. That is what I am fearful of…..