Getting Into Things….

April 5, 2014

2014-02-25_09-41-58“Plans get you into things but you got to work your way out.” – Will Rogers, 25 June 1931

For me “getting into things” is the most difficult part of a new project. Writing a post for this blog starts out with an idea or quote and then progresses from there. So I don’t take Will’s quote here as getting into trouble as many probably do but instead just getting started. But I do agree with him that working your way out is well, work.


2 responses to Getting Into Things….


    Writing is certainly work. I far prefer the editing process to getting the rough copy down.



      Hi Linda. Both come relatively freely with me. Getting the overall topic is where I often struggle. But, like my hero Will Rogers I get most of those ideas from what I read on the Internet (Will used newspapers).