Bottom Of The Barrel….

April 9, 2014

2014-04-02_16-28-12This is the third and final post on this mini-serious, or maybe not even that,  on getting older. The first post was about my depression when I compared my aging life with some of the other bloggers that I read.  The second one was about the reality TV shows called “Porter Ridge” and “Duck Dynasty”. This one will close the door on those two seemingly unrelated topics.

I have come to a fundamental conclusion as to why the previously mentioned two shows, and others like them, are so popular. That is the fact that all of us need someone we can look down on. We need to know that our lives are not as bad as others. We simply cannot be the bottom of the barrel of life. These types of feelings seem to be human nature. We can’t be the only ones who are suffering while everyone else has it so good. That thought is just too depressing for most of us to handle. By watching “Porter Ridge”  and other such shows we can roll our eyes at those folks who are worse off at least mentally, than we are. Those yokels who couldn’t recognize the good wine from the dregs that they are swimming around in.

Several of the “happy blogs” that I have been reading are now talking about maybe getting away from blogging as it seems to have run its course with them. Maybe there are just too many happy blogs around so they end up competing with each other. Several of these bloggers talk about moving on to other topics. I have done the same except it was at the other end of the spectrum. But then again there doesn’t seem to be much competition in the “my body is falling apart” blogs.

Maybe that is what my blog should morph into if I get tired of my current venue. Maybe it should be a retirement blog more to show others just how good they have it compared to me. It would serve a purpose; it would fill a niche and maybe even get many more views than it currently does. I am a believer that God put each one of us on this earth for a purpose. Maybe my purpose is to be the example of how “not” to live in retirement.  Maybe I should be the one that people can roll their eyes at and think “at least my retirement years are better than that guy has it!!”

OK, enough of this silliness. I will try to get back to something a little more sane tomorrow but no promises…..