But Sadly Many Are Not…..

April 30, 2014

2014-04-27_10-32-46It’s hard to face, but humanity — image bearers of God — is largely responsible for destroying much of this great witness to God’s glory. Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists agree that climate change is happening, humans are primarily responsible, and it will keep getting worse if nothing is done.The impact of carbon pollution mars not only the beauty of God’s earth, but affects the flourishing of God’s people. Many of the poorest among us are suffering from food scarcity, droughts, flooding and increased diseases caused by climate change. And — to use an image from creation itself — our politics on this issue are stuck in the mire of cynicism and inaction, wasting time that we simply don’t have.

Which is why for Christians, caring for God’s creation should be a priority. It is not just a matter of science or politics, but an indication of our worship and praise of the Creator.

SOURCE: Earth Week: A Witness to God’s Glory – Jim Wallis | God’s Politics Blog | Sojourners.

Like most things I am passionate about this is not the first time I have talked about how we are destroying God’s creation with our continued over use of carbon based fuel. I have had some discussions with some here and those readers for the most part indicate they are just not certain enough about this topic to believe we should spend the money to do anything about it.  As the words above mention now 97% of the world’s climate scientists believe we are doing irreparable harm to our environment. Sadly there are many in our population who are not yet on board so we continue in our old ways.

As with many things to do with certain groups of Christian organizations I am saddened that Christ’s church is seen to be among those the most opposed to doing something now. Taking care of God’s creation is very biblical. I’m sure that it the climate denier response has two fundamental roots in many of those religious organizations. One is the conservative nature of many Christians but probably the most prominent is  political alignment.

Abortion seems to trump absolutely everything else in the political realm for these folks.  I also believe that abortion kills an innocent life but unlike many in this camp I go on to be pro-life both before and after birth. I am against capital punishment and against doing nothing while millions die each years due to malnutrition and lack of safe drinking water.  I am against war in all its aspects. All of these problems could be solved it only we put aside our religious and political differences.

Getting back to the topic at hand, There will always be those who are opposed to one thing or another. Logic and facts just don’t affect some people’s  beliefs. It is up to the rest of us outside those stubborn groups to take up the charge of making sure that this earth can sustain our grand children and great grand children. As Jim Wallis said it is not a matter of science or politics but of our worship and praise of the Creator.

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    I, for one, am certain enough about this topic to believe we should be spending money to address the problem! Here at home, we also try to do what we can.



      Me too Linda. We have very fuel efficient cars (30+mpg), recycle almost everything, and keep or home temps a reasonable levels. One of the facts I didn’t mention is that the EU now has much more sustainable techonolgy than we do. Most of it was invented here but they are reaping the rewards both now and in the near future. We need to get on board quickly to keep a technological edge…