A Life Half Lived….

July 28, 2014

2014-05-08_08-01-53You want to be free. And as you start to feel that you are being corralled into a certain life, you kind of push against it. It may come out very strange, it may be interpreted wrong, but you’re trying to find out who you are.”….she lived with a deep fear of leading a “life half-lived.”

“I realized that very young — that a life where you don’t live to your full potential, or you don’t experiment, or you’re afraid, or you hesitate, or there are things you know you should do but you just don’t get around to them, is a life that I’d be miserable living, and the only way to feel that I’m on the right path is just to be true to myself, whatever that may be, and that tends to come with stepping out of something that’s maybe safe or traditional.”

SOURCE: Angelina Jolie Didn’t Think She’d Have Kids, Says Her 20s Were ‘Misinterpreted’ | Yahoo Celebrity – Yahoo Celebrity.

Angelina Jolie has always fascinated me. She is such an assertive person and a contrarian to boot. I like that combination. She knows what she wants and she goes after it.  It takes a very strong person to “want it all” but she among few others seems to be almost able to accomplish that feat. Like everyone that I admire to any degree I’m sure there are things about her that if I knew them I would not like but that’s OK. None of us are perfect.

Do any of us lead a life more than half lived? With the wisdom I have gained from almost seven decades on this earth I seriously doubt that I have.  There were so many opportunities that I had that I passed up due to not wanting to get out of my box. Fear, or maybe just trepidation, held me back. I think I am pretty usual in that regard.

I fear that we are stifling those who have a full potential at a very young age now. I fear that we are denying ourselves the next Einstein, Madam Curie, Steve Jobs, or a myriad of other examples. From my study of Yin/Yang and American culture I have learned that one of the things that makes us stand out as a nation is our “can do” spirit.  We simply are not willing to accept our limits.  It seems that anyone of our kids who now steps out of the normal accepted bounds is quickly pushed back via drugs or verbal assault.

I wished I had had a deep fear of leading a life half-lived as Ms. Jolie has. It would have forced me to make other choices in my life. There are many things that I seem to be passionate about but few that I am actually willing to take the risk to achieve at any higher level. I haven’t given up in that regard but time is running out for me. Let’s make sure that those who are beginning their lives have the fear that Angelina has. It will make the world a better place if at least a few of us don’t accept a life half lived…



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    Interesting that you should admire Angelina Jolie…wouldn’t have guessed that. I’ve noticed that you like to dream of what could have been. Not to burst your bubble, but I would temper that admiration with a dose of reality. Remember that Angelina was born to privilege and although she does have talent she didn’t have to beat down doors to follow her path. She had money, connections, and was free to risk both crazy behavior and benevolent and admirable pursuits because she would always be able to chuck it all and start again. She has fame and a spotlight. Most of us don’t have that option do we? I’m willing to bet that if given her resources many many people could do great things and be admired for it. Don’t criticize yourself for following the responsible albeit humdrum path of the masses…..your life is one that much of the world only dreams of….it’s not half-lived…it’s yours and its good.



      Yeah, I did remember that she is Jon Voight’s daughter so yes she did grow up with privilege. I don’t hold that or her rebellious teen years against her. I don’t think my bubble is burst by that dose of reality. It is what she has done the last 20 years or so that I so much admire. She latches on to humanitarian causes with a passion and does the work necessary to accomplish her dreams. She is a person who is not afraid to take risks to accomplish what she wants. We could all use a stronger dose of that couldn’t we??

      You are right, It doesn’t take fame and spotlight to accomplish great things in your life. I am not so much down on my life as inspired by those who are doing it other ways. Believe it or not I have several younger viewers of this blog that I am trying to inspire them with examples of my heroes as well as my own life.

      No, I don’t lament my life lived. I did the best I could at the time but I kind of wish I could do parts of it over again. My life has been pretty full, especially the last 15 years or so. I am finally coming into my own in my retirement years. I celebrate that fact daily. Life it good but it can always be better and there is nothing wrong in recognizing that wisdom when looking back at it…..