US calls Israeli attack on UN school ‘disgraceful’

August 7, 2014

2014-08-04_09-16-05WASHINGTON AP — The United States declared Sunday it is “appalled” by Israel’s “disgraceful” attack on a United Nations school sheltering some 3,000 displaced people in southern Gaza.

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In language that was rare in its directness and severity, the U.S. denounced the attack earlier Sunday, which killed 10 people. The statement released by the U.S. State Department noted that the school had been designated a protected location.

SOURCE:  US calls Israeli attack on UN school ‘disgraceful’ – Yahoo News.

This is the second and last day on this subject or me. I will keep this one short and to the point.

It is nice to finally hear that the U.S. at least at some level is saying “enough is enough” to the Israeli bombing in Gaza. They have now killed over 1,900 mostly citizens in Gaza. The Israelis call it a war but by most standards it would be called a slaughter.

The U.S. was very quick to condemn Russia in the  Ukraine because they might be supplying some of the rebels with weapons. They then followed up  this condemnation with some severe sanction proposals.  I hope to hear a like-minded thing for Israel. At least we could limit the number of new bombs and missiles we send to them to replenish their arsenal. If Israel won’t listen to reason maybe they will listen to us taking their weapons away?



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    The big difference is that Israel buys their weapons from us. Russia and the people of Gaza are not customers of ours, so it is much easier to condemn them. We planted the flag on the side of Israel long ago and our political leaders will never pull it up and as long as the US supports Israel they will always exist because our military hardware is the best in the world.

    The other side of the coin is that Israel does use some amount of restraint with fighting Hamas because they know that we will not support a full-fledged attack. Yes 1900 people in Gaza died during this skirmish but with no restraint, Israel could unleash a true massacre on the civilians. The Middle-East is in a stalemate because of the USA. We give Israel the most high tech weapons on the planet and they use them to prevent mass causalities on their side. But because they depend on us for so much, they cannot conduct full scale genocide. Both sides are reduced to what we have now which is an on-going, never ending conflict. And the only winner is the American military industrial complex.



      Thanks for your comments Rob but I wouldn’t call this latest action a skirmish. It is much more deadly than that. Yes, they could have killed many others I guess. Last year and for many before we have given Israel over $3 billion for military aid but I suppose they might also buy some from us to. $3 billion doesn’t go very far when it comes to war machinery as we spend over $500 billion a year by ourselves.

      I am not talking about giving up all support for Israel but instead putting some conditions on that support and a big part of those conditions are against indiscriminate killing. I know they are an Old Testament only country and that is “an eye for an eye” philosophy but our Christian heritage is very much against that mentality.

      I truly wish the U.S. would get out of the business of being the supplier of weapons of mass destruction for the world!



    Do you think we could go back in time and simply “give back” the land to the people who lived there for the 3,000 years between the last state of Israel and the British “giving” their colonial land to the Jews of the holocaust? I think those Arabs would appreciate it. Of course then they would have little to fight with us about….

    All around, a tough position the US has taken.



      I guess I have to say it yet again for you Janette. I am not talking about not supporting Israel as a State but on putting Geneva convention like conditions on that support. We invaded another country and took out its leader for less than what we are giving the Israelis slack on. No support should be unconditional.

      It is not black/white or either/or but as usual shades of grey.



    Wow- war is OK as long as it is a just war? Very surprised to see you imply it.
    Very shades of gray.