You Can’t Outrun Your Shadow…

September 4, 2014

Of course the physics of a shadow make it impossible to get away from but in a more philosophical sense the title above means we must live with the consequences of our actions. Your past is what has made you what you are. There is no escaping it.

We can pretend our shadow isn’t there but it never leaves us. It tends to taint our joys as well as heighten them. One of the detrimental things I see happening in our country today is that so many want to cast off the responsibility for their actions. They want to have fun and forget about everything else. At times I admit that I am one of them. The news around the world and especially within the Washington beltway is just too dark for many of us. But, like the old saying “we get what we pay for” our current crop of leaders is a result of our past decisions. We chose, and continue to choose, those who control the country’s purse strings in the same nonsensical way.  They are as much a shadow of our complacency as anything else.

When all the investment bankers got into so much trouble with their derivatives they counted on our government to bail them out and that is just what they did. If they had to live with the consequences of their actions they certainly would not have gotten their million dollar bonus three years or sooner after the meltdown. Not one of those responsible for the near financial meltdown was held accountable. They seemed to have escaped their shadow of those irresponsible acts.

Too many people get into financial problems today by over extending themselves with debt. They just don’t seem to be able to understand that buying things on credit leave you with a long and heavy shadow that will eventually drag you into the sewer if you don’t face it.

Metaphorically the only way to get rid of your shadow is to start running in the dark but then you are constantly bumping into things and quickly lose your path.

On a much lighter side I have a constant shadow that follows me around my homestead. It doesn’t matter if it is sunny or cloudy or inside our out, my shadow is always there. And I kind of like it that way. I can depend on my shadow to always be there and that is kind of nice. For those of you who haven’t already figured it out here is a picture of my shadow.

My Shadow

2 responses to You Can’t Outrun Your Shadow…


    Oh, sweet Beulah! Haven’t seen her for a while. She’s the best kind of shadow to have isn’t she?
    And yes, why does it take us until older age to realize the folly of debt and the burden of possessions? We will never stop the greedy bankers and politicians so I prefer….at this stage of life….to not dwell on them. Are they crooks? Yes! Are they greedy and corrupt? Yes! I can’t fight these powerful forces. If you have “enough”…just be content and live your life simply and for family or others and don’t give in to the marketing and social pressure.
    I just had a “big” glass of wine so I’m feeling kind of mellow. So, iff I don’t make sense…that’s why. 😄 You know I love this blog.



      Thanks for the comments Jane. You are indeed a kindred spirit. I love that phrase “the burden of possessions”. That perfectly explains the problem that most just don’t seem to realize.