A Dreamer Or A Fighter…..

November 12, 2014

2014-10-29_08-38-29I still vividly remember the election season of 2008. It was the year that I for the first time in a long time held out hope for a change in our political system. George Bush’s reign over the country was finally ending but the wars he put us in were still going full bore and still greatly affect us even today. He left the new guy with a total mess in our financial system. The worst mess in fifty years. I had confidence that this new-on-the-scene young guy could give us back our social conscience that George stripped away from us. I contributed frequently to his campaign and was totally overjoyed when he won the presidency even carrying my State of Indiana!!

I knew the GOP opposition to anything that seems progressive would come full force against this new president but I dreamed that he like FDR and several other democratic presidents before him would stand his ground and eventually win some hard-fought gains for our country and especially for those on the economic margins. I dreamed things would be better ahead of us as a country…

Things started out pretty well when this new administration went full bore to give us a universal healthcare system that much of the rest of the world had already realized. Of course there was drastic opposition to this plan as there is for anything of a progressive nature from the expected quarters. But I dreamed that our new leader would fight the fight… and eventually win…

Looking back, of course that is always easier than looking forward, I have come to realize that this first time president of color who reeked of dreams and hope was just not up to the challenge of the fights necessary to accomplish them. His fighter to dreamer ratio was just not up the job ahead.  In today’s world it takes a gargantuan fight to accomplish anything worth doing. A fight he, looking back, seemed incapable of doing. Yeah, he did get a very watered down version of universal healthcare that no one really likes, some because it went too far and for some because it didn’t go nearly far enough. I am part of the later group.

I have learned my lesson. In the coming presidential seasons I am looking for the fighter not the dreamer.  While dreamers are absolutely necessary they are just not the political leaders we need right now.  We need someone with a strong backbone and the tools necessary to push or maybe even ram change down the oppositions throat. We need a fighter who has a base level of dreamer within her/him and can back it up with some strong actions. The problem seems to be that those qualities are totally lacking in so many currently in the inner circles of politics.

This election cycle I am looking for a fighter not a dreamer to lead our country forward …..


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    Well said, R.J., and a good summary of our President’s term. I think you may be right about needing to be a true fighter to get things done. Of course, the first person to come to mind in that category is Hillary Clinton. She is a tough cookie with a thick skin who would be up to most any fight, even ruthless some say. That makes her a little scary I guess. One reservation tho is her age and stamina…another campaign would be exhausting…is she physically up to the challenge if she decides to run? And who else might emerge as a candidate for the Dems? It’s still very much up the air as far as I’m concerned. But one thing for sure, I will not be swept away by elegant speeches and dreams again. This time I will keep my head out of the clouds and hopefully vote for the real deal….whoever that turns out to be.



    I know you won’t print this because I am banned 🙂
    Elizabeth Warren vs Rand Paul. That would be a fight of ideas I would love to see.

    My worst case campaign? Bush vs Clinton.



    Yes, Elizabeth Warren is a very enticing choice…however, I thought she had already said no to a candidacy. Of course, she could change her mind.
    I have to admit I kinda missed tangling with Janette…glad she’s back! 😃 😃