Insight 7 — Its Not All About Purpose…

January 14, 2015


Regardless of how much you want to immerse yourself in your major purpose or your most passionate pursuit in life, you should still learn how to enjoy other leisure activities. In the event that you are semi-retired, it’s wise to avoid being overly goal-oriented or judging yourself totally on work-related and materialistic accomplishments. The quality of each and every one of your retirement days should be evaluated , at least in part, by how much you relaxed, laughed, and played while immersed in activities other than your part-time job

Consider each day you haven’t laughed, played, and celebrated your life to be a wasted day. You were given three special gifts when you were born: the gifts of life, love, and laughter. Learn to share these gifts with the rest of the world. And the rest of the world will play happily with you.

Zelinski, Ernie  How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free: Retirement Wisdom That You Won’t Get from Your Financial Advisor (Kindle)


These quote from Ernie seem to come directly from that “big book of cliches” found somewhere in the sky, but there is wisdom to each one of them. Fulfilling your purpose should never be a all-consuming thing in your retirement years. You also need to play, laugh, and just have fun. Sometime the two things intermingle. Sometimes we discover part of our purpose is to make others smile. Sometimes it is just being there for someone else when they are down.

Having fun is a goal worth our time in our senior years. Retirement books have hundreds, well probably thousands, of ways to find what makes you happy so I won’t go into that here but once you find something that makes you happy spend some time every day doing just that. For me two of the tbings that make me happy is to blog about life and to take photos of life.  I have always been a photo buff and I am honing those skills in my senior years.

I love trying to look at life both figurative and literally from a different angle and then showing others a different way to view things.  So, photography is one of the important things in my life that makes me happy.  As a Christmas present to myself I bought a new higher end digital camera to view life from a different angle.  I am also spending much of these cold winter months playing, some would say learning, several different photo apps to morph some of my creations that don’t quite look like my mind’s eye sees them. If you are interested in it see my new blog over at for how this plays out.

Don’t get too serious about life. It is also a time to laugh and try new things. At least that is what I am trying to do more of in this new year.


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