Please make the dumb people stop talking!!!

January 22, 2015

2014-09-15_20-26-03I mean really, tell me again how people having access to health insurance is bad.

Remind me again how the earth is invincible to mankind’s abuse.

Explain to me why women don’t know what’s best for their own body.

Why is it we need more guns again?

I’ll be better off if we lower taxes on the rich?

Please make the dumb people stop talking!!!

SOURCE:  Living Blue in a Red State.

I usually look at Facebook each morning when I do my Web browsing and “Living Blue in a Red State” is part of that. I love this one.  It puts so many from the GOP into a simple fifty or so word basket. I couldn’t have said it better so I will stop talking now….


4 responses to Please make the dumb people stop talking!!!


    Tolerance is the ability to listen, openly, to both sides of an issue. Talking about serious issues is not dumb. People who feel talk is dumb believe there is only one right view. We have lost compromise for the belief that any “give” on either side is a loss of all.

    Jan 22- Roe v Wade. Mar 6- Dred Scott.
    Tough, on going, talk is a part of society.

    Don’t take it so seriously, right?



      I have no idea how your comments relate to the post they are attached. Your skin is just too thin Janette…. yep you said it, don’t take it so seriously…



    Totally agree with Janette’s very relevant comment. This sort of post is not really meant to convince or enlighten anyone, but simply to preach to the choir and blow off steam. Some people enjoy that despite the fact that it is counterproductive. . I wonder what you think of their use of the phrase “dumb people”. I would think this tone would not fit into your new vision for your life, which by the way I admire. I disagree with you on a lot of things but I would never call you dumb or anything else derogatory.



      I guess I am getting ganged up on here. 🙂 but like it or not these are five issues that pretty much define the GOP for many.

      No, this quote from a Facebook page is not meant to start a dialog with those who promote those five things and yes they are mainly to blow of steam but is that really so bad? But compared to the vitriol rhetoric that comes out of so many of congressmen and Senators mouths about the president of our country and anyone who supports him they are very tame in nature.

      I watch Fox News on occasion, gotta keep you enemies closer, and they consistently call me much worse than “dumb”.

      But I will come around to agree that these five things are mostly very dumb principles from people who might not be dumb themselves….