Kingdom of Hate…

February 2, 2015

American diplomats pay lip service to human rights while tens of billions of dollars in arms are shipped to the Kingdom of Hate, where you can be executed for ‘sorcery’ or tweeting about Islam….

2015-01-21_18-59-43Intolerance is Saudi Arabia’s greatest export. The country’s highest religious authority called to burn down all churches in Arabia. Saudi textbooks call Jews the decendents of “apes and pigs.” Christians are forbidden from wearing crosses, building churches or bringing in Bibles.

How does the world react? Total surrender and utter appeasement. Diplomats pay lip service to human rights while tens of billions of dollars in arms are shipped to the Kingdom of Hate. The King is lavished with praise.

The Saudi government, meanwhile, could not get more condescending. They lie through their teeth, confident that no one will lift a finger against them. The Saudi ambassador to the UN, Walid al Muallami, told hundreds of students at New York University that his country had no repression at all and is a “land of opporutnity” for everyone. Sure, as long as you’re not gay, a woman, secular, Christian, Jewish, Shiite, liberal, dissident, atheist or a democrat.

No Saudi diplomat should be able to leave his embassy without being confronted with Badawy’s name.

One of the main excuses for supporting Saudi Arabia is that they are needed to combat Iran. Relying on one hate-mongering, xenophobic tyranny to combat another is a very bad bet. Iran is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous regimes on Earth and the free world must apply enourmous pressure against it, but backing Saudi Arabia is not the answer. Iran can be undermined without relying on the Kingdom of Hate.

SOURCE: Our Ally Saudi Arabia Beheaded 10 People This Month – The Daily Beast.

David Keyes, who is the executive director of Advancing Human Rights is the author of this article says things that many are afraid to say. Of course we all know how Saudi Arabia gets a free pass from so many of their obnoxious human rights abuses. It is the plain and simple fact that they are the number one producer of oil in the world. If they were to suddenly turn off the spigot as they most certainly can, there would be turmoil in  much of the world.

I would highly suggest to anyone who is not up on this topic to read the entire article by clicking on the source above. There surely must come a time when we will no longer send billions of dollars of our military equipment to a government who would like nothing more than to see us go down in flames.

It is sad to see all the damage that our dependence on fossil fuels does to our world. That technology has been around for over a hundred years now. It is time to replace it and let the Saudis keep all their oil.


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    RJ – Respectfully, I think we ought to be careful for while I also disagree with the interpretation of the Koran that some of the extremists in Saudi Arabia may express, I have the same reaction to the some of the interpretations that some “Christian” groups make about my faith tradition. So….I try to remind myself of the wisdom of the saying regarding focusing on the block in my own eye (which is so often quite difficult for me to see!) vs. trying to fix/change the splinter in someone else’s eye (which is always so much easier for me to see!.) Unfortunately, I usually have very little power over the latter effort and the more I try to fix others….the more frustrated I get While working on that block in my own eye often has a much different impact on those around me. I do agree that if our country took a different set of actions to its foreign policy, we may actually elicit a different response from the world and actually undercut/reduce the attractiveness of some of the radical ideas floating around the world today.



      Thanks for the comments Mike. Yeah, we don’t want people believing that the KKK represents Christianity anymore than ISIS represents Islam but we still must recognize that Islam is basically anti- human rights as we see them. I reject the idea that any human beings should be classified as 2nd class citizen or worse simply by their birth or their gender. That is I think was the crux of where this article comes from.

      I will be putting out another post in this area in a few days that surprised me about “main stream” Islam or at least what the majority of that religions believers espouse. My point in doing these posts are to warn us that we have to be very careful when we form alliances with countries whose philosophies vary so radically from our own and that certainly includes Saudi Arabia and China. Yes, we need to stay engaged but not entwined.



    RJ- excellent.
    Mike, we, the United States, with all of our money and power feel these things are tolerable as long as they are our allies. The plank we choose not to remove is publically backing, by being silent, a country so ….
    I never really inderstood why we attacked Iraq when all of the people involved in 9/11 were…Saud!
    Jordan has always had a peaceful Islamic community. Unfortunately they are very close to losing it to the radical many if we do not help them in this terrible refugee crisis. There is a way. Support with food and help, not tanks and guns!
    I lived in Saudi Arabia, and taught in the American school. I won’t go into detail, because it drives RJ crazy. My blog stays easy Peasy because our experiences there , and in China, are still scary to me. Maybe that is my plank.



      Janette, I’m glad we agree on this topic. 🙂

      We handed over our military hardware to Iran when we thought they were our allies and look where that got us. Yeah, food and support but not tanks is a good way to say it.

      I was happy to see the president in India last week. I know their human-rights is compared to us pretty dismay but at least they are a practicing democracy. Their caste system does bugs me to no end though but I think that is changing somewhat.

      Thanks for keeping it brief (ha)….