Trickle Down…

March 1, 2015


I wonder when the Trickle Down theory will ever be discounted in my GOP friends. Probably never….. they have tattooed it on their foreheads…

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    Yay Minnesota!! On the other hand, Dayton is trying his darndest to impose a big fat increase on gasoline taxes…supposedly to go to road and bridge repair. He thinks we won’t care because gas prices are low right now. Wrong. He has a lot of opposition as you might expect.
    And on a side note…the Governor and the Legislature are beside themselves with glee and staying up late at night thinking of ways to spend our 2 billion dollar surplus….fast. It’s almost comical. Dems have a long bucket list including raises for the Governors Cabinet and staff. Republicans want to cut checks and return much of it to the taxpayers like Jesse Ventura did in his time.
    Stay tuned!



      Thanks for the additional insight Jane. Yeah the GOP has “trickle down” and the Dems can always figure out where to spend it. Nothing much has changed in the last century of politics I guess. (ha).