A Man Deserting a Woman…

March 6, 2015



Makes sense to me now if they would only add it to the GOP political platform….



2 responses to A Man Deserting a Woman…


    In many states a woman is required to identify the father. If she should go into welfare the state can go after the father for child support.
    The scariest quote I ever heard from an eighth grade boy was:” I shouldn’t have to pay for being a baby daddy. It is HER choice. It is HER child.”



      I can still remember at this old age the hormones flowing as an eighth grade boy. The last thing on your mind is making a baby. Kid are more active, too active in my old senior mind, now days and need to be made thoroughly aware that actions have consequences. Being raised by a single and rather stoic father we never had these types of discussions. I wonder if that is any different today?