Declaring The Supreme Court Unconstitutional…

March 11, 2015

There are those, too many in my mind, that are adamant in taking away affordable healthcare to 10 million of our citizens. Without offering any viable alternative they insist that those ten million go back into the uninsured pile whose only access to healthcare is an emergency room and a band-aid. It is widely acknowledged that when the ACA was written it was NOT the framers intent to give subsidies to some areas of the country and not others.  The Framers themselves have loudly come out with those facts.

So why is this challenge even in front of the Supreme Court? The answer seems to be pure politics.

That the challengers’ argument is terrible doesn’t mean that it won’t succeed — motivated reasoning, particularly in an increasingly partisan court, is a powerful thing. There are four certain votes to uphold the subsidies on federal exchanges and three certain votes not to. So it all comes down to Justice Kennedy and Chief Justice John Roberts.

SOURCE: The sphinx, the hack, and the swing vote: Key takeaways from the Supreme Court’s big ObamaCare case.

It is truly sad, almost catastrophic, to see so much politics being played out in the Supreme Court. The primary role the Supreme Court in our system of government is to look into the intent of the framers of our constitution and our individual laws to make sure that it is applied correctly. Having a court where eight out of ten of the justices have made up their mind totally based on politics  “is” not what the framers intended.

We are known throughout the world as a “nation of lawyers”. We sue each other  by orders of magnitude more than anyone else in the world. Our congressional branch of government contains more lawyers than all other professions combined. Let’s face it lawyers have pretty much taken over our country. 🙂

ambulance chaserOnce upon a time there was a term for some lawyers called “ambulance chasers”. These were guys to followed ambulances to scenes of accidents so they could get one party to sue another over the accident. These types of guys were looked down on even among lawyers in general.  Fast forward to today and now  this group seems to be the dominate group in that profession. Just turn on the TV any day to see ad after ad from lawyers for “getting big bucks without any work” through lawsuits.  These guys are kind of like the Tea Party in that they seem to overshadow all the really hard-working honest lawyers around. I kind of think that is also what has happened to the Supreme Court, they are filled up with too many ambulance chasers instead of wise sages that our founding fathers envisioned.

Lets face it there are just too many lawyers in our nation who don’t have enough productive things to do. Maybe it is time to declare the Supreme Court unconstitutional and then disband it and start all over again….  I think our founding fathers would be smiling as a result…