Containers They Carry Their Brains Around In…

March 20, 2015



I must admit that I love Shonda Rhimes and her creative mind! Grey’s Anatomy is probably my all-time favorite show and since I have been around quite a while that is a lot of shows. She shows us the challenges of life that many of us have never faced.  I captured the quote above from a recent CNN broadcast talking about the Oscars. I have not watched that awards ceremony in many years but I do get glimpses of it and the meat parade that goes on as the actors enter the theatre are still very prevalent. It seems that those guys in Hollywood love to give each other awards but that is another story.

Being a man I guess, I don’t really understand the mentality of so many women who want to hobble around on seven-inch stilts and scanty dresses in order to get attention. To me, and I know I am probably unusual in this regard, a woman’s attractiveness is inversely proportional to the height of their heels and the amount of paint covering her face.  It just seems that women are not taken as seriously as men in almost any realm and they probably will never be until they recognize that they need to emphasize their brains and get away from so much fixation on the container that holds it.

Women are generally the caregivers in the family and maybe as an evolutionary result have an in-grained empathy that so many men lack.  Being the caregiver they are more often the voice of reason and sensibility in difficult times than  those testosterone driven men who control too many things right now.  If more women were in leadership roles I am convinced that their would be fewer wars in our nation’s history. More women need to step up to being leaders instead of containers. When that happens America will be a much better place.


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    It seems to me that the problem is more in the mind of men than in the clothing fashion of the day.

    Men in all societies and across time have objectified women, whether they wore burqas or mini skirts. Women in conservative countries are not taken any more seriously than they are in the Western countries, less so actually.

    Physical attractiveness is probably the strongest asset women have to succeed in this world. Often stronger than their mental abilities. Just ask any “unattractive” woman who loses out on jobs and partners because of their looks. While I’m not interested in dressing in 7″ heels, I see that others are in competition and will try whatever works…at least while they’re young. As for Hollywood which is the epitome of superficiality….well, my guess is that it’s “men” who design, sell, and promote these fashions you so dislike. If you want to work you have to compete. Have a little sympathy for the women who must go along to get along in what is still basically a man’s world.

    I might also point out that men are not immune from striving for attention. They work on their bodies like crazy at the gyms, go shirtless at any opportunity, and instead of heels they show off by driving sexy expensive cars if they can. And, if they are rich enough they will show off with a trophy wife/girlfriend who dresses like a container.

    “Man will do many things to get himself loved, he will do all things to get himself envied.” – Mark Twain



      Thanks for your input Jane. I certainly agree that men objectify women in all societies. That is at the core of the problem. But that doesn’t mean that eventually things can’t change in that area. Part of the solution is that more women take themselves and their capabilities more seriously. They don’t have to play the part that too many men want to put them in.

      I also agree that for the most part physical attractiveness is currently a woman’s strongest asset at least in some circles and that sadly is something that needs to be changed. The last hire I made in the corporate world was a woman. She we not a “looker” as many say but she was the most qualified candidate. That needs to be the norm in hiring and promotion practices.

      Yes, our society in general is much to fixated on looks instead of brains and experience. Who was the last president under six feet tall? We choose our political leaders by physical standards instead of capabilities.

      I am a dreamer and I dream that someday as Shanda says we will concentrate on brains instead of the container that holds them. Not by any means are we there yet but I can dream…