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March 28, 2015

Peoria Skyline

Peoria Illinois is a small city in the Midwest where I spent a long weekend a few Decembers ago. They have a December event called “The Festival of Lights”. It is well worth the visit.

Festival of Lights - Peoria IL 2008   Festival of Lights - Peoria IL 2008   Festival of Lights - Peoria IL 2008



I must admit that I do quite a bit of my shopping now on Amazon. I go to the mall on maybe a monthly basis but that is more for the exercise than for shopping.  But then again most of the shops in our college town mall are clothing stores and since my total repertoire in that area can be fitted in a two foot space in my closet there is really not much there for me.

Things are changing for all us consumers. Netflix is causing a big shift in the video market, Apple tunes and such have taken over their area and Amazon is attacking the brick-and-morter approach to sales. Things are changing lately. Even the stalwart McDonald’s seems to be going out of favor, or maybe the better word is flavor. Yeah, things are changing but isn’t that the norm?

I know that distresses many of us especially those of the conservative bent who don’t see progress as well, progress.  But looking at it from a social-economic standpoint with all this chance it is getting harder to find employment when all you have is a high school education or less.  We need to do something to get our future generations prepared for these changes…. and we need to do it soon…

What’s Old Is New….

March 21, 2015

Cleaning up Politics - Wilson

I see in the headlines that a New Jersey Senator is in trouble for passing out favors to his rich friends. The photo above was taken at the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library a few years ago. President Wilson started out his political career as governor of NJ. It is obvious from this shot that they had similar problems one-hundred years ago.



The Palestinian problem is the primary driver for so much of what happens in the Middle East. To see a solution taken off the table by Israel is tragic for all the world.  Give peace a chance…..


March 14, 2015

Des Moines State Capital  Pic of Corn

Iowa is pretty much known as corn to many of us so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to see this very large picture of corn in the State House in Des Moines.  I am not making fun of Iowa as my home state of Indiana is known for much the same thing.  In fact Iowa is one of my favorite states and Mount Vernon Iowa is the most picturesque town I have ever visited.


If Fox New is famous for anything it is about putting themselves in the center of the news. It seems that this behavior is getting one of its stars Mr. O’Reilly in hot water recently. He is getting caught with too many personal embellishments lately. When Brian Williams did that recently he got a six-month non-paid vacation, but I’m sure Mr. O’Reilly won’t even get a slap on his wrist. After all if Fox News were to put him on forced hiatus they would probably have to do the same with almost their entire staff.

But that is not the saddest part of this story. Instead it is about how so many people seem to blindly accept newscasters being at the center of everything on Fox and MSNBC. It just seems to me that the regular viewers of those shows are too lazy to think for themselves so they let their favorite flavor political talking head guide them around by their nose. Shame on any of us for doing that!