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AgsinstTheStreamYou have two choices in life: You can disappear into the mainstream , or you can be true to yourself and swim against the current. One is a form of self-abandonment ; the other is an adventure into new worlds and dimensions. — from Life’s Secret Handbook…

If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up way too much space. — Unknown wise person

“It’s never too late,” concluded George Eliot, “to be what you might have been.” In this regard, retirement gives you the time and freedom to become more than you have ever been. In fact, it may be your last shot to become the type of person you have always wanted to become. Why not take advantage of it.

Yes, I am thoroughly enjoying retirement! The best part is observing my neighbors drive off to work in the morning knowing that their day will be filled with jerks, brainless and endless meetings, jerks, vendor lunches where you hold your breath just waiting for the sales pitch until you regurgitate your pasta, more jerks and the eventual company reorganization of the section that was just reorganized last month! — Bill Kalmar

Zelinski, Ernie  How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free: Retirement Wisdom That You Won’t Get from Your Financial Advisor (Kindle)

Lets finish up these “insight” reports with an absurd amount of clichés. 🙂

Do you want to be ordinary and live your life among millions of other vanilla flavored people or do you want to step out from the crowd? That is the question each of us has to ask  ourselves and hopefully we can answer that before it is too late to doing anything about it.

My father, God rest his soul, had a pretty low self-esteem and he passed that trait on to me, at least in my first trimester of life. I was a bashful kid who didn’t want to bring any attention to myself. I very gladly stayed very much in the middle the crowd. As I matured I discovered I had unique things to offer this world.  All of us have unique gifts, they are called God’s wishes for our lives that is if we ever manage to discover them. As I entered the last trimester I became determined to swim against the current. It is where I belonged all along but took me years to realize that fact.

Retirement gives me time and freedom to become more than I have ever been. There were many times in my life I chose to not rock the boat. Some of those times might have jeopardized my career and some may have lost me friends. Retirement frees many of us from those hindrances or at least it should. Freedom to become more than I have ever been makes life exciting and fruitful.

I love the last quote about watching our neighbors drive off to work. It gave me an LOL moment. We all dream of what we will do when we punch the time clock for the final time. Don’t sit back and waste the opportunities  that your retirement years provide you…. Do something… Do Anything….



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