Rising Again…

July 23, 2015

2015-07-23_20-48-10This blog has been in a three month hiatus due to me just getting tired of the political dialog. I have made some basic changes to prevent that from happening again.  One thing is that while I will continue to allow comments, at least for now, I will not reply to many of them.  I know this is not good blog etiquette but that is the way it has to be for me to continue here and keep my sanity.

This is my longest running blog and has over 2,000 posts so it has become an important part of who I am.  While I will be drastically trimming down on posts about politics I will continue to occasionally post in that venue. There are many other topics included here that I didn’t want to abandon… so here we go again…

4 responses to Rising Again…


    Welcome back. Now that your back on duty, trump will shut up. No reply necessary.



    Hi Rob, I’m glad you found me again….



    We all benefit from taking a break. I am taking a three month break from teaching this summer and putting my energy and creativity into my property revision.